A Holistic Approach…

With experience, Tammie has incorporated a holistic approach with the mind/body connection. She recognized the link between good physical health and mental, emotional health, and continues her studies in order to bring her clients a well-rounded healthy lifestyle balance.

Not only is Tammie a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, she is also a licensed Nutritional Therapist who will work closely with you to create a customized healthy eating plan. You will get grocery lists with recipes using whole foods selected from the foods you like, and continued monitoring for optimal health benefits. See more detailed information below.

Tammie is excited to share and offer Reiki Energy Healing and Access Bars. She continues to learn and grow her practice to encompass more options and tools to support her clients.

STOTT trained Pilates Instructor is Tammie’s newest adventure offering private and semi-private classes to suit your needs.

Recently she has opened Nourish Wellness Centre, partnered with 6 like-minded practitioners to provide you with the best care. Check out the Project Page for upcoming Workshops.

Tammie is excited to share her breadth of experience with you…


Four Sides

When you work with Tammie you get a Holistic Approach...meaning she looks at you as a whole person with your unique features. We are all unique individuals, we have our own past and the power to change our future...


Therapeutic counselling

Tammie uses many counselling techniques, though her strength is in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Solution Focused and Reality Theory.  She is best known for Couples Counselling, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Grief & Loss, along with general counselling for all obstacles individuals face. No charge nor obligation with your first-time 30 minute meeting...

Learn more about Therapeutic Counselling


Nutritional Therapy

Work with Tammie to discover where your vitamin and mineral deficiencies are and how to use whole foods (grocery stores) to recover.  Tammie will create a grocery list and work on recipes for you to replenish your health naturally and simply. There is a huge connection between phyical health and mental health...we are after all, what we eat!

Learn more about Nutritional Therapy

Reiki & Access Bars

A new addition to Tammie's offering is Reiki and Access Bars treatments. Discover the power of these energy healing techniques taught for centuries. Feel the fusion of relaxation to calm anxious, overwhelming feelings and the tingling energy of hope and healing.


Pilates Instructor

Tammie's newest adventure: Pilates Instructor, offering a physical health component to all of her clients as of fall 2018. Spring Schedules have been confirmed, call Tammie (250 320-6018) to confirm your spot. (Full) Contact Tammie for Summer sessions!

Therapeutic Counselling

Tammie L. Oram, MTC, RTC, RPC, MPCP, NT is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, licensed and insured for individuals, couples, families and groups. She helps people get their lives on the right path so they can fulfill their life purposes and dreams. Tammie has been in private practice for over 9 years and has expanded her knowledge into a more holistic approach, meaning to see clients as a whole person with all the different sides to them.

No matter who you are, each phase of life produces unique challenges.  Together, you will explore the past while focusing on the present and the future.  Tammie can help guide you through these thoughts and experiences helping you live your best life.

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspect of the client/counsellor relationship.  Sometimes it is hard to find a counsellor who is the right "fit" and who doesn't know, or know of, someone in the area.  You can be assured, Tammie will keep your best interest to heart and no one will know you are on a path of exploration and change.

Since 2008, Tammie L. Oram has provided therapeutic counselling to individuals, couples and families. Using the Integration Model, she is able to customize her approach to meet the needs of her clients. Tammie loves working with couples to help them improve themselves as individuals and as couple, watching the changes ripple out to family and friends. Tammie is known in the Kamloops area as a huge 5 Love Language lover, sharing her knowledge and experience within her office and workshops throughout the City. Tammie is an action-oriented individual who loves her work supporting people in one-to-one sessions, groups and workshops.

Couples Counselling, Anxiety, Negative Thought Patterns, Depression, Emotional Intelligence, Anger Management, Grief & Loss and many more personal concerns are what Tammie is able to help with. There is no charge nor obligation for a 30 minute consult appointment!

With experience, she has incorporated a holistic approach with the mind/body connection. Recognizing the link between good physical health and mental/emotional health, she continued her studies to bring her clients a well-rounded healthy lifestyle balance.

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Nutritional Therapy

The question that Tammie gets most often is “What exactly is nutritional therapy?” Nutritional therapy is based on the science that disease is the result of nutritional deficiencies in our diet that accumulate over time. The body has the innate intelligence and ability to heal from any ailment, provided we give it the appropriate nutrients to do so. Many of us come into this world having inherited nutritional deficiencies from our parents and don’t even realize it.

Nutritional therapy is part of the growing field of alternative medicine. Like acupuncture, naturopathy, biofeedback resonance, and chiropractic, it is holistic in nature.  By holistic, we mean to treat the whole rather than its parts.  A holistic or alternative practitioner aims to correct the entire body as a system rather than just treating the symptoms.  The basic philosophy of nutritional therapy is simple:  The myriad of health problems that plague our modern world result from weaknesses in the body’s physiological foundations. 

This is mostly due to poor nutrition and chronic stress. A Nutritional Therapist’s job is to help reverse the ill effects on the body from poor habits while supporting the basic foundations.  We endorse a nutrient-dense, whole food, properly prepared diet as well as adding necessary supplementation to balance body chemistry and correct deficiencies.  The other aspect of being an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) is one of education and debunking certain nutrition myths, many of which are archaic and outdated.  While most people are very smart, they are more likely ill informed and misdirected regarding nutrition.

As an NTP, not only does Tammie educate her clients on diet and nutrition as it pertains to health and wellness, but she takes it a step further.  An NTP’s approach is that each person is a biochemical individual.  No two people are alike.  Because of this, as we proceed to evaluate each person, she is able to make decisions based on biochemical individuality.  Thus, it allows her to individualize and prioritize a protocol that is best suited for you.  This includes a dietary assessment as well as a supplementation recommendation.

Symptoms are the “problem”, but our body signalling there is a problem.  We become investigators through Nutritional Therapy, going further and further back to find the root underlying cause.  For example, we believe that obesity is not so much a disease, but a series of imbalances.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to this, nor do we endorse drugs as a first measure of treatment.  We simply seek to educate and use natural wellness as a way to create balance.  However, as a disclaimer, it is important to understand that drugs may be a necessary course of action.  And although this isn’t her scope, Tammie will try to work with the client’s health practitioner and can refer you to Tamzin Morley, a Naturopathic Doctor.  It is important to remember that the body is often capable of correcting itself, if done with patience.  If you are working with your medical doctor, we support and complement what you are doing.  We recommend a balanced diet of whole, non-processed foods and nutritional supplementation, and are NOT here to treat or diagnose disease.  We will work with those who do have certain diseases, careful to follow their protocol yet support their foundations (digestion, blood sugar, mineral balance, fatty acids, and hydration).

Tammie also recommends other modalities as well as nutritional therapy.  This may include hypnosis, yoga, pilates, Chiropractic (Drs Lisa and Robert Conroy), energy work, exercise, meditation, behavioural therapy or any other spiritual practice that calms the psyche and improves overall health.

Who can benefit from nutritional therapy?

The sad fact is that it is virtually impossible to get all our necessary nutrients from food now.  Our soil is depleted, our food is highly processed and our environment is filled with toxins.  Chemicals and pesticides plague us on a daily basis.  Most diseases can be prevented.  Our medical system is irreparably taxed and our doctors don’t have the time or energy to help us when we don’t feel well. 

Sadly, many go round and round, desperately trying to find an answer to their problem, whilst slowly despairing for lack of money and knowledge.  But there is hope and this is where taking a natural approach is most effective if you trust in your practitioner. We are ultimately responsible for our own health and for being informed. 

Many of Tammie's clients reveal that they are suffering from lethargy, depression, mood swings, poor digestion and feel like their batteries are draining and they aren’t “plugged in”.  They’ve even been told that this is a normal process of aging!  Rest assured, it isn’t and that many of these issues can be corrected. Nutritional therapy, while certainly not a cure, is advantageous at protecting us from sliding down that dark hallway.  It can even help to find an answer to a “lost question”. Nutritional therapists can help discover the real reasons behind an underlying problem.  It is a fantastic complementary modality that can be used to balance the body, whether it is digestive imbalance, blood sugar regulation, endocrine issues, diabetes and insulin resistance, allergies, weight, depression, joint pain, PMS, and general detoxification to name a few.

One more advantage:  It is a very affordable way to garner information about the body.  Prevention is always substantially more affordable in the long run.

There is a growing call to arms needed regarding education and holistic prevention in our health care system.  NTP’s are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals understand this importance in order to reverse the travesty of disease in our world.

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