“My mission is to provide our clients a safe space to grow and learn as strong, independent individuals; to have loving relationships within themselves and with others.”

Tammie L. Oram


Meet Tammie

· Master Therapeutic Counsellor

· Licensed Nutritional Therapist & Pilates Instructor

· Reiki & Access Bars Practitioner

· Mother of 3

· Owner of Nourish Wellness Centre in Kamloops

· Coordinator at Interior Wellness Festival

· Part of the Wellness Team at Inspire

Chiropractic & Wellness Studio

· Past Vice President of a Professional Counselling Association

Tammie L. Oram, MTC, RTC, RPC, MPCP, NT is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. She is licensed and insured for individuals, couples, families and groups; helping people get their lives on the right path so they can fulfill their life purposes and dreams. Tammie has been in private practice for over 9 years and has expanded her knowledge into a more holistic approach, meaning, to see clients as a whole person with all the different sides to them.

No matter who you are, each phase of life produces unique challenges.  Together, you will explore the past while focusing on the present and the future.  Tammie can help guide you through these thoughts and experiences helping you live your best life.

Tammie has been with her husband for over 30 years and has 3 grown children. She is a Kamloops local who offers 100% confidential service. 

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspect of the client/counsellor relationship.  Sometimes it is hard to find a counsellor who is the right "fit" and who doesn't know, or know of, someone in the area.  You can be assured, Tammie will keep your best interests at heart and no one will know you are on a path of exploration and change.

Using the Integration Model, she is able to customize her approach to meet the needs of her clients. Tammie loves working with couples to help them improve themselves as individuals and as couple, rippling the changes out to family and friends. Tammie is known in the Kamloops area as a huge 5 Love Language lover, sharing her knowledge and experience within her office and workshops throughout the City. Tammie is an action-oriented individual who loves her work providing one-to-one sessions, groups and workshops.

Couples Counselling, Anxiety, Negative Thought Patterns, Depression, Emotional Intelligence, Anger Management, Grief & Loss and many more personal concerns is what Tammie is able to help with. There is no charge nor obligation for a 30 minute consult appointment!

“Perhaps loving something is the only starting place there is for making your life your own.”
— Alice Koller